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The HKGSA-AÉDSAP is a student-run organization at the University of Ottawa that is committed to assisting all graduate students in the School of Human Kinetics in both academic and non-academic matters.

The Council

Meet your Executive Council

Talia Ritondo Picture.jpg

Talia Ritonndo


Welcome! I'm Talia (she/they), a first year PhD student here at uOttawa studying human kinetics and how SafeSport policy affects pregnant and parenting Canadian  athletes. This is my first year living in Ottawa, so I'm excited to learn about the city and our school! I'm originally from Montreal, then lived in St. Catharines for 4 years to do my Master's at Brock in leisure and recreation. As your president, I hope to represent, advocate, and create many opportunities for you all to thrive in a graduate student environment. If you have any questions or want to initiate programs for graduate students, you can email me at so we can chat 😊. Also, my favorite leisure activities are beach volleyball, board games, and video games.


Britta Peterson

VP Student and Council Affairs

Britta (she/her) has lived and played across Canada, from St. John’s, Newfoundland, to Central Vancouver Island, British Columbia. She is in her first year of the PhD program and the HKGSA VP of Student and Council Affairs. Her formal education has targeted all things recreation and leisure, with her research focusing on Indigenous conceptualizations of leisure in relation to the development of personal and community identity. She is passionate about decolonizing the narratives in the fields of recreation and leisure. In her leisure time, she is passionate about exploring nature by canoe and bike, drinking lattes and challenging social and systemic inequities.


Alexandre Mir-Orefice

VP Francophonie & Bilingualism

Hello, I am a second year student in the Master of Science in human kinetics program specializing in biomechanics. My research aims at developing algorithms for gait monitoring in multiple sclerosis patients using instrumented insoles. In the HKGSA, part of my responsibilities are to represent the francophone community by ensuring all documents and communications adhere to the bilingual language requirements. Outside of school, I like to play ball hockey, ultimate frisbee, and am an avid TV fan.


Annagh Macie

VP Student Engagement and Events

Hello, I am a 1st year PhD student in the spine and movement biomechanics lab. My research focus is on developing a neural network for patient specific modelling of individuals with patellar instability. As the VP of events and engagement I am responsible for planning all the fun events that we put on to make your graduate experience the best possible! In my spare time I like to bake and I really enjoy getting outdoors in any way possible whether that be camping, hiking or canoeing.


Precious Ndukauba

VP Equity, Diversity & Inclusion

Hello, my name is Precious C. Ndukauba. I am an international second-year Ph.D. student and will be your V.P Equity, Diversity, and Inclusivity for this year. Prior to coming to uOttawa for my studies, I had my masters in Tourism and Hospitality industry at the Eastern Mediterranean University, Turkey. My current research is focused on Black Canadians' travelling and leisure experiences. Through this research, I aim to explore travel experiences from the perspective of Black Canadians and within the context of the recent Black Travel Movement. For fun, I love to travel and explore new places and pretty much down to anything outdoor. Happy to chitchat outside school activities if you think we have some travelling vibes to relate with. I am looking forward to meeting everyone in person throughout the semesters.


Ioanna Maria Kantartzi

VP Finance

Hello, my name is Ioanna Maria Kantartzi and I am the VP Finance of HKGSA. I am an international student from Greece, and a Ph.D. candidate in Sport Management at uOttawa. My research area is on Corporate Social Advocacy (CSA) withing Sport Organizations (SOs) and the ways SOs communicate CSA practices to their stakeholders aiming positive social change. Apart from reading, I enjoy traveling with family, and spend time with friends. 

VP Comm- UK Photo.jpg

Umerdad Khudad

VP Communications

Hello, my name is Umerdad and I am an international first-year PhD student in Human Kinetics. My research interests include sports for development in migrants, risky play, and injury prevention. As the VP of Communications at HKGSA, I am responsible for communicating all the events and activities through various forms of social media and the official HKGSA email account. I enjoy playing football and working out. 

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